Melt, Mold And Department

Co2 core casting process is ideal where speed and flexibility is the prime requirement. molds and cores of a varied sizes and shapes can be molded by this process.


The pattern are usually designed for repeated uses and hence the main requirement of a pattern is that it should be perfectly dimensional and durable.


Melting is an equally important parameter for obtaining a quality castings. A number of furnaces can be used for melting the metal, to be used, to make a metal casting.


In laboratary spectrometer which is used to analyze the chemical composition before pouring into the mold.


Fettling is a process to involves the removal of the cores, gates, sprues, runners, risers and chipping of any of the unnecessary projection on the surface of the casting.

CO2 molding process which can be fully automated is generally used for casting process that require speed, high production runs and flexibility.

co2 molds